KCB Karen Masters 2018

A partnership with the Karen Country Club in 2017 led to the creation of the KCB Karen Masters, bringing together a great mix of professional and amateur players from the local and international scene. The success of the 2017 tournament spurred the bank to renew its partnership with the Karen Country Club for the 2018 KCB Karen Masters to be played from 19 - 22nd July 2018. In addition, the bank also launched the 'KCB Road to Masters', a five leg series played in different parts of the country, that saw 280 golfers compete for a chance to play in the second edition of KCB Karen Masters.

This year's event is bigger and better because it is part of the Sunshine Tour, Africa’s premier membership organization for touring professional golfers. The tour is one of the six leading men’s tours that make up the International Federation of PGA Tours, which includes the PGA Tour, the European PGA Tour, the Japan Golf Tour, the PGA Tour of Australasia, and the Asian Tour. As the title sponsor of the $150,000 tournament, KCB's partnership substantially expands the Sunshine Tour’s reach into sub-Saharan Africa.

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