Biashara Club

Members of Biashara Club qualify for our prepaid and credit cards, allowing you to pursue your business goals. You also get to enjoy perks such as Biashara Club trip financing and access to preferential forex rates.

Biashara Club Union Pay Pre-Paid Card

Shopping and carrying out business internationally is now a seamless experience with the Biashara Club Union Pay Pre-paid card. It’s especially useful in China where trade ties have grown exponentially. You will no longer need to carry hard cash.

Why you should get a Biashara Club Union Pay Pre-Paid Card: –

  • There are no joining fees
  • It’s chip enabled, making it safe and secure
  • You can load the card via Express Bank ATMs, KCB App, a KCB Agent, KCB Internet Banking, at any KCB branch or using M-pesa
  • You can activate or block your card through your mobile phone (to avoid fraud)
  • The pre-paid card is globally accepted

Corporate Credit Card

Is your company looking to manage its expenses? With a Corporate Credit Card you will have signed up for convenience and efficiency, where you can settle your usage at the end of the month.

Why you should sign up for a Corporate Credit Card: –

  • One limit can be shared across several credit cards
  • Multiple credit cards can be issued
  • Company directors have a 360-degree view of the expenditure
  • You can keep track of employee spending
  • It is perfect for managing your business expenses

For more information about our banking services or to apply for a card, please contact your relationship manager or visit your nearest branch today.

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