MobiGrow is a tailored product for smallholder farmers offering digital financial services including affordable loans, savings, insurance, and training opportunities.


How to open A MobiGrow Account

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to open a MobiGrow Account
    • Dial *225#
    • Select Open MobiGrow and accept Terms and Conditions
    • Enter your ID number and PIN of Choice
    • Re-enter your PIN and confirm you want to proceed with opening a MobiGrow account
    • Deposit a minimum of Kshs. 10 into your account to activate and receive your MobiGrow account number
  • How to Activate Your MobiGrow Account
    • Go to M-PESA menu
    • Select Lipa na M-PESA, Pay Bill option. Enter M-PESA Pay Bill number 522696
    • Enter your National ID number as the account number
    • Enter amount – minimum KES 10
    • Enter your pin and confirm
    • You will receive two confirmation messages. From M-PESA confirming the transaction and another from KCB with your MobiGrow account number.



  • How to Deposit Money into Your MobiGrow Account
    • Go to your M-PESA menu, select Lipa na M-PESA, enter Pay Bill number 522522 and enter your MobiGrow account number.
    • Deposit at a KCB Bank Agent or any KCB branch nearest to you.


  • How to Withdraw Money from Your Account*
    • At KCB Bank Agent
      • Dial *225# and enter your MobiGrow PIN when prompted.
      • Select Withdraw at KCB Mtaani and follow prompts.
    • At M-PESA Agent
      • Dial *225# and enter your MobiGrow PIN.
      • Select send to M-PESA and follow the prompts. The money will be sent to your M-PESA account and you can thereafter withdraw from an M-PESA agent.
    • At any KCB Branch across the counter. You will be required to have your national ID.
  • How to Access Free Training Material
    • Dial *225# and select ‘Farmer Training’.
    • Choose one of the following from the five training modules and follow the prompts to start learning.
    • Training modules include: Savings and Loans, Grow Your Money, Dairy Farming, Livestock Farming, and Crop Farming.


  • How to check your loan limit
    • Dial *225# and enter the MobiGrow service PIN when prompted.
    • From the Main Menu, select “Loans” then select “Loan Limit”.


  • How to request for a MobiGrow loan
    • Dial *225# and enter your MobiGrow service PIN
    • Select “Loan” then “Request Loan” and enter amount.
    • Select the preferred period (1 month)
    • Funds will be transferred to your MobiGrow Account


  • How to pay back your MobiGrow loan
    • Dial USSD code *225# and enter your MobiGrow service PIN when prompted.
    • Select “Loan” then “Pay Loan”.
    • Select payment from MobiGrow account and enter amount to pay.
    • To pay from another KCB account, the customer must first transfer the cash to their MobiGrow account before initiating payment.


  • How to check your balance
    • Dial *225# and enter the MobiGrow service PIN when prompted.
    • From the Main Menu select “Balance Inquiry”.
    • Select MobiGrow Account.


  • Loan Product Features


  • Loan Requirements
    • Farmer must have a MobiGrow account
    • Farmer must be a member of a farmer cooperative society/aggregating group and make deliveries to the participating cooperative society/aggregator to access loans based on their deliveries
    • Farmer must have been supplying milk to the diary for at least 6 months or agricultural produce to an aggregator for at least 3 seasons before loan application
    • Farmer must have a good credit rating and must not be listed on Credit Reference Bureau (CRB)
    • Farmer must have cleared all previous mobile loans with KCB to qualify for a MobiGrow loan

FAQs Terms and Conditions

For assistance reach us through our 24hr contact centre on:


Tel: +254 (20) 3270000

       +254 (732) 187000

       +254 (711) 087000

Sms: 22522

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