Jaza Duka

Jaza Duka is a great new partnership/offering from Unilever, KCB and MasterCard.

The aim of the partnership is to empower retailers/Duka owners with working capital through offering credit in a cashless system that will enable the retailer buy what they can sell. Currently, retailers are buying from the distributor based on the cash they have, therefore not able to stock their dukas sufficiently.

By joining Jaza Duka, the retailer will be able to access quick credit and simple and efficient payment system.

Benefits of Jaza Duka

  • Stock up now; pay later
  • Buy more, sell more make more money
  • More choice/variety for your customer
  • Be eligible for free training to manage your finances and grow your business

Jaza Duka is a great product offering that aims to empower retailers financially through provision of a credit facility that allows them to:-

  • Buy More
  • Sell More
  • Make more money!

Terms and Conditions

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