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With your KCB credit card, you can now own a KENTANK and pay in 6 monthly instalments at 0% interest. OR Get 10% discount when you pay in full using any of your KCB cards or via VOOMA pay bill No. 113350

Click HERE To Download Kentank pricelist to select your tank and delivery zone

To apply for instalment payment:

  • Click HERE to download application form
  • Select zone and corresponding price for the tank from the pricelist
  • Scan and send to [email protected]
  • KCB will review and advise you on approval status within 24 hours
  • Kentainers will advise the customer when the tank will be delivered

Pay in full via Vooma Get 10% OFF

  • Refer to Kentank pricelist above
  • Identify your product and location/zone for tank delivery
  • Reduce the price by 10%(discount) and Pay Via Vooma pay bill No. 113350. (Your name is your Account number.)
  • Confirm your payment and place your order to: [email protected] and copy [email protected] (provide these details: Tank capacity, Zone, delivery location and details of the contact person at the site of delivery)
  • Kentainers will deliver the tank within 1 week

* Terms and Conditions apply

Enquiries? Email: [email protected]

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