With you KCB credit Card, you can now buy quality mattresses, beds and soft furnishings from any Slumberland showrooms and pay in 10 monthly instalments at 0% interest OR Get upfront 8% discount when you pay in full using any KCB Card.

To apply tor instalment plan:

  • Visit any Slumberland Showroom or get pricelist online to select your items
  • Click HERE to download application form. Also available at any at Slumberland showroom.
  • Scan and send to
  • KCB will review and advise you on approval status within 24 hours

Slumberland showrooms:

  • SLUMBERLAND HQ – Kampala Road
  • Industrial Area
  • WESTLANDS – Kenrail Towers
  • VILLAGE Market
  • MOMBASA ROAD – Next to Plaza 2000
  • MOMBASA – The Palm Breeze Nyali

* Terms and Conditions apply

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Get upfront discount 8% when you pay in full using any KCB card
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Get 10% discount or Pay in 12 monthly instalments at 0% interest
Get 10% off or 100% financing for 12 monthly repayments at 0% interest
Get 7% off or 10 monthly instalment


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