Financing ABCs

To qualify for our diaspora financing, below are the requirements we would like you to fulfill;
Must reside abroad
Have an active KCB Bank account
Pay slips for the last 3 months
Letter from employer confirming employment status (permanent or contract basis).
An international CRB certificate.
Spousal consent – form provided by KCB*
If single – sworn affidavit*
Bank statements for the last 6 months on your salary account
Copies of your Kenyan ID and passport*
2 passport size photos*
Provide a sale agreement witnessed by a lawyer (It is advisable to appoint a power of attorney in Kenya to sign on your behalf). **
Copy of title to property being purchased/charged (Minimum lease term 35 years)*
Valuation report with photographs of property being financed and/or charged together with certificate of official search from Land Registry (this will be carried out after assessing applicant)*
Filled in insurance form (to be provided by KCB)

* Should be certified as true copies by a Notary Public.
** For those earning in USD the sale agreement amount must be quoted in USD

The next step is to fill in the mortgage application form HERE.

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