Islamic Banking Services

The KCB Islamic banking products are innovative shari’ah compliant products as approved by the shari’ah advisory board.
The accounts we offer:

  • Non-profit bearing checking account which can be in Kenya Shillings or in any foreign currency available
    at KCB. It is designed to provide customers with convenient access to their funds through issuance of cheques.
  • Sahl Personal Current
  • Sahl Advantage Current
  • Accounts that offer secure and frequent access to your funds on demand
  • Sahl Jiinue Account
  • Sahl Bankika Personal Account
  • Sahl Mapato Account
  • Sahl Student Plus Account
  • Sahl Cub Account
  • Accounts with withdrawal restrictions to enable you to save up for your future plans or for your dream purchases.
  • Sahl Simba Saving
  • An attractive, affordable transactional account for small scale traders looking to unlock their business potential.
  • Sahl Boresha Biashara
  • Sahl Bankika Business Account
  • Sahl Business Current Account
  • Sahl Corporate Current Account
  • Sahl School Current Account
  • Sahl Fixed and Short Term Investment Account
  • PERSONAL FACILITIES – Unsecured check-off facility for as low as KES.20, 000 to 4 million
  • WORKING CAPITAL FACILITY – Short term facility given in the form of Over-Drafts given to corporate and business customers for up to 1 year.
  • MORTGAGE – Aid to finance construction and purchase of commercial properties and estates
  • ASSET FINANCE – We offer finance solutions to expand or modernize business/ personal assets. Acquire movable assets, plant, or machinery for current at today’s cost without committing valuable capital/Savings.
  • INSTALLMENT SALE – This is a self-securing form of finance which enables you to acquire movable assets, plant or machinery.
  • TRADE FINANCE – This products facilitates local and cross –border activities of corporate and business clients to manage finance operations, liquidity and mitigate risks inherent in trade.
  • LETTER OF CREDIT (IMPORT & EXPORT LCs) – This are letters issued by the Bank at the request of the customer (applicant/importer) where the Bank promises to pay the beneficiary/exporter for goods and services.
  • LPO FINANCING – These are temporary facility’s to enable your business close out an order for supply of goods/ services from reputable companies.
  • BILL/INVOICING DISCOUNTING – We offer a written irrevocable undertaking is issued by the bank to pay the beneficiary on demand if customer has not fulfilled contractual obligations.

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