What is Pesalink? Pesalink is an interbank switch providing the banking industry with a capability for bank customers to transfer money directly from their accounts to accounts held in other banks on a real time basis.  The service also allows transfers to a mobile number linked to an account in a bank.

Features and Benefits

  1. Pay to person (P2P)
    • Transfer to Phone
      Allows the user to transfer funds from KCB account to a registered phone number registered on PesaLink platform.
    • Cash-by-code
      Allow the user to transfer funds from KCB account to a phone number not registered on PesaLink platform. A six-digit code is generated and receiver notified
  2. Paybill
    Allows the user to pay their utility billsusing Pesa Link merchant codes.
  3. Buy goods
    Allows the user to pay for goods and services using Pesa Link merchant codes.

How does a customer access it?

  1. Mobile phones – USSD
  2. ATM
  3. Bank Branch
  4. KCB Mtaani
  5. Internet Banking

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Frequently asked questions

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