Debit Cards

Your KCB Debit Card is the smart way to pay.

Why? Kuna venye you get multiple benefits when you swipe your KCB Debit card to shop, dine, fuel or purchase items online.

With the KCB Debit card you can:

  • Pay using your card, FREE of charge, and avoid the hassle of carrying cash
  • Use your card at over 40 million outlets globally.
  • Earn double Simba points every time your swipe your KCB Card at a KCB POS and redeem for awesome rewards e.g. travel, airtime, electronics and many more.
  • Experience maximum security when making online transactions (3D Secure).
  • Withdraw at any Visa branded ATM worldwide.

To get your debit card, all you need is to open either a KCB current or transactional account.

Rates & Fees

  • ZERO costs when you use your card on any POS.
  • A one off fee of Kshs. 400 is debited from your account upon request for a KCB Debit card.
  • Normal ATM withdrawal charges of;
    • KCB ATMs - Kshs. 33
    • PesaPoint - Kshs. 33 
    • Kenswitch - Kshs. 77
    • Other local bank ATMs - Kshs. 275
  • Any charges made by Visa international on foreign currency transactions shall be converted into Kshs at exchange rate quoted by Visa on the date of debit. Any gain/loss is debited to your card.

Get your KCB Debit card today and experience the smart way to pay!


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