Visa Quickserve Debit Card

The ultimate debit card for expenses like shopping, fuel, online purchases, travel and dining. 


  • Access to establishments countrywide and over 24M outlets worldwide such as restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, petrol stations etc.
  • Withdraw at any Visa branded ATM worldwide
  • Convenient – can be used anywhere you see VISA sign
  • Payment for goods and services at point of sale is free.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Must be a KCB account holder with a current or transactional account.

Rates & Fees

  • Kshs. 400 is debited from your account for the ATM card.
  • Normal ATM withdrawal charges of;
    • KCB ATMs - Kshs. 30
    • PesaPoint - Kshs. 33 
    • Kenswitch - Kshs. 77
    • Other local bank ATMs - Kshs. 275
  • Any charges made by Visa international on foreign currency transactions shall be converted into Kshs at exchange rate quoted by Visa on the date of debit. Any gain/loss is debited to your card.


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