This is a robust and innovative mobile banking platform which can be accessed through 2 channels:

  • USSD Code *522#
  • The KCB App- Available from all stores (Android, Apple and Windows store)

KCB M-benki is a virtual account that is opened and solely operated through the mobile phone. It targets the unbanked population and offers customers not only an account but also a means of interacting with the bank through KCB Mobile banking.

What does one require to get signed up on the service?

  • For existing KCB Account holders, visit your nearest branch to register for mobile banking.
  • For non-customers, go to your M-PESA, select Lipa na M-PESA, enter Paybill No. 522522 then under account number indicate your ID number starting with the word ID followed by your ID number for example ID12345678.
  • You will receive an SMS notification with a one-time PIN which you must change to a 4 digit PIN immediately. Always keep your PIN secret and never share it with anybody.
  • To access from the KCB APP, download it from your app store for Android, Windows, or Apple and activate using the *522# PIN.

KCB Mobi services - Open to only KCB Customers via USSD *522# and KCB APP

  • Mobile loans: You can request for a credit facility via Mobi loans, salary advance and Kopa bills and repay loans at your own convenience. Repayment periods range from minimum 1 month to maximum 6 months. Terms and Conditions apply
    • Mobi Loan - You can access loans from Kshs. 100 to a max of Kshs. 100,000. 
    • Salary Advance - Get upto 1.5 times your Net pay. Loan limits are Kshs. 3000 upto Kshs. 100,000
    • Kopa Bills - Get a short term loan towards paying off your bills. Loan limits range from Kshs. 100 upto Kshs. 100,000.
  • Pay bills: Including DStv, GOtv, Zuku, Kenya Power pre-paid tokens, Kenya Power post-paid, Nairobi Water, Jumia and Jambo Jet.
  • Bill presentment is available on DStv, GOtv, Zuku, KPLC postpaid, Jumia and Jambojet. Bill presentment gives the user the exact bill to pay for KPLC postpaid is dependent on usage therefore a customer upon entering the account number gets to view the exact amount that is due.
  • Funds Transfer:
    • From bank account direct to any M-PESA number.
    • From M-PESA to a KCB account.
    • To any KCB account.
    • To any bank account.
    • To any mobile number.
  • Airtime purchase: for any number across Safaricom, Airtel and YU networks.
  • Cash withdrawal: from any KCB Mtaani agent.
  • Load cash: into any KCB credit or prepaid card.
  • Balance Enquiry and statement.
  • Simba Points- Customers sign up onto the loyalty program where they can redeem points.

KCB App Features

KCB boasts of a unique App user experience with multi-functional capabilities focusing on not only the conventional mobile banking facilities but with a holistic lifestyle driven approach to an individual.  This includes investment advice and lifestyle features like latest news, sports and social media linkages.

Other features open to both KCB customers and non customers

  • Forex Rates - You can view the exchange rates for all major currencies i.e. Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen and South African rand as per the updates from the Nairobi Stock exchange.
  • Currency Converter - A currency converter calculator.
  • Properties - You can have a view of all the latest properties in the market as registered on the KCB Mortgage portal.
  • News - You can access all the latest news on business, sports and lifestyle features.
  • Overview of KCB products and Request for a KCB Product - You can view all the bank’s products and request for more information.
  • Loan calculator - You can inquire and calculate loan repayment rates.
  • Secured Messaging - Direct secured messaging to KCB.
  • Budget Tracker - Charts and graphs to visualize and analyze spending and account activity.

Benefits of Mobile Banking


  • You are able to carry out multiple transactions off the palm of their hands from airtime purchase, bill payments transfers across to M-PESA other KCB Accounts.
  • Access to short term loans without security.
  • Visibility of your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Ease of use

  • The KCB App presents an exciting and unique user experience with multi-functional capabilities. You are able to pull contact directly from the phone list.


  • You are able to verify transactions like bill payment or account details prior to authorizing the payments.


  • You receive real time notifications when money comes in or out of the account.

How to purchase airtime via (*522#)

  1. Dial *522#
  2. Select Airtime
  3. Select own phone if the self or other phone to send to

How to purchase airtime via KCB App

  1. Open the KCB App icon
  2. Select Transact
  3. Select Airtime
  4. Select self to buy for own phone or other to pick recipient from contact list

How to pay your bills using USSD (*522#)

  1. Dial *522#
  2. Select Bill Payments
  3. Select Option 1. Pay Bill
  4. Select Biller e.g KPLC postpaid
  5. Select Account to debit
  6. Enter Bill Account No e.g. 1234567-01
  7. Select Pay Total Amount or Pay Partial Amount
  8. Select Send to pay your bill

How to pay your bill using the KCB App

  1. Open the KCB App icon
  2. Select Transact
  3. Select Pay Bill option
  4. Select Biller
  5. In the Pay Bill screen:
  6. Select Account to debit
  7. Enter the Billing account number in the field "Account no"
  8. Enter the Amount you want to pay
  9. Select submit to pay your bill

How to transfer money from M-PESA to a KCB account

  1. Go to your M-PESA menu,
  2. Select Lipa na M-PESA,
  3. Enter PayBill number 522522,
  4. Enter the KCB account number you are transferring money to, enter the amount, and your M-PESA PIN and confirm to send money.

Charges to transfer money from M-PESA to a KCB account via 522522

Min Max Charges Kes
10 100 0
101 999 22
1,000 2,499 33
2,500 4,999 55
5,000 9,999 83
10,000 34,999 110
35,000 44,999 198
50,000 70,000 220


How to Open a KCB M-BENKI

Through M-PESA

  1. Go to M-PESA menu
  2. Select Lipa na M-PESA
  3. Select Paybill and enter Paybill number 522522
  4. Under account, type ID(No Space) and your National ID Number e.g ID123456789
  5. Enter amount to deposit, and your M-PESA PIN.
  6. You will receive two SMS's, one with your KCB M-BENKI Account number and the other with your temporary PIN.

Online M-BENKI Account Opening

Follow the link below, select open account and follow prompts

What are the Charges?

Balance enquiry 36.00
Buy airtime Free
Bill payments (DStv, Gotv, Zuku, Nairobi water, KPLC tokens & postpaid, Jumia) 36.00
KCB Lipa Karo 36.00
ATM withdrawal 36.00
KCB Mobi Chama transfer 36.00
Ministatement 36.00
Forex rates Free
Change PIN Free
Transfer money from a KCB account to another KCB account 36.00
Payment of KCB Insurance premiums 36.00
Receive Western Union Free
Send money from a KCB account to M-PESA (own phone number) 63.25
Send money from a KCB account to M-PESA (another phone number) 63.25
Buy M-PESA agent float 63.00
Payment to M-PESA Buy Goods and Pay Bill (for amounts between Kes 100 - Kes 70,000) 63.25
Payment to M-PESA Buy Goods and Pay Bill (for amounts over Kes 70,000) 0.3% maximum Kes 700 plus 20% excise duty
Buy M-PESA agent float over the counter at any KCB Branch* Kes 50 for float up to 100,000 & 0.05% of amount above Kes 100,000

*Fees collected by Safaricom




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