KCB/Toyota Kenya & Hino Partnership

KCB has partnered with Toyota Kenya and Hino to make it possible for customers to acquire selected motor vehicle models including Toyota Hilux Single and Double Cab pick-ups, Land cruisers, Saloon cars, Hino School Bus and Hino Trucks.  


  • The arrangement is available to both KCB and non-KCB customers seeking financing from the bank to purchase selected motor vehicle models on offer.
  • Quick and easy application process.
  • No additional security is needed as the assets are largely self-secured.
  • Relatively low initial capital outlay is needed as financing is extended up to 95%.
  • Discounted interest rate of 13%.
  • Flexible repayments that can be structured to suit a customer’s cash flow.
  • Flexible credit period of 12-60 months.
  • Discounted negotiation fee of 1%.
  • Insurance Premium Financing is available for the assets.
  • Ownership of the asset is passed on to the customer after the final payment is made to the bank.


  • Duly filled KCB Asset Finance application form.
  • Certified copies of ID, PIN and Certificate of Incorporation, Memo & Articles of association.
  • Pro-forma invoice.
  • Original six month bank statement for Non-KCB Accounts.


Goal account

  • Initial Principal -
  • Deposit Period in Years -
  • Total Interest -
  • End Period Acc Bal -
  • End Date -

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