What are you aiming for? A better education, building your dream house, buying your first car, capital for your business… Whatever your goal is, we’ll help you make an investment towards your future.

  • Simba Savings Account

    Earn up to 5% interest p.a with a convenient savings account that comes with free deposits and a low minimum opening and operating balance.

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  • Cub Account

    Empower your little ones and safeguard their future with an account that helps them understand the value of a shilling.

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  • KCB MPESA Target

    Save and Borrow on KCB M-PESA right from your phone. Put money away in a fixed deposit or target savings account.

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  • Goal Savings Account

    Your dreams can come true with an account tailored to help you fund and achieve your goals. 

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Savings Calculator

Savings are a smart way to move towards your dream. Use the calculator below to find out how much you would earn if you start saving for your future with KCB today


How many years would you like to save for?

This savings calculator is intended only to provide an estimate of the total savings that may be accumulated based on the selected fields; and is subject to a +/- 5% error.

KCB Bank Kenya Limited (KCB) does not guarantee the accuracy of the calculator nor its results, and accepts no responsibility for any decisions taken based on the estimates drawn from this calculator.

For more information, please contact 0711087000/0732187000 or visit your nearest KCB branch.