KCB and Uber User Promo

Campaign starts on 2nd October 2017 up to 2nd April 2018.

New user promotion

Each customer who is not an existing Uber user can enjoy 2 rides free up to Ksh 500 each.

The customer can download the app in the Apple or Google store

Before taking their first ride, the customer needs to enter the new user code in the payments section before requesting his/her first ride in order to redeem Ksh 500 off each of the first 2 rides. The code is KCB500

Eg- New Uber customer orders a ride worth Ksh 600. After the ride, customer receives a receipt where Ksh 500 would be deducted from Ksh 600, the total for the ride would be Ksh 100. If a customer takes a second ride worth Ksh 400, the customer pays nothing for the ride. Unused Ksh 100 is not transferrable onto the next ride.

6th ride free promotion

Either new or existing Uber customers with a Visa card issued by KCB is eligible for the 6th ride free up to Ksh 1000. Eg a rider takes 3 rides in Kenya and 2 rides in South Africa and for all these 5 rides the customer has paid (made transactions using the Visa card) his 6th ride will be free but the free ride must occur in Kenya. The offer is valid until 2nd April 2018 and you will need to take any free rides by that date. There is no restriction on the number or total value of free rides you can qualify for and take up to then.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What do I need to qualify for this offer?

You need a KCB Visa card, debit or credit.

  • Do the 5 rides I accumulate need to be for a minimum amount to qualify for the Uber offer?

New rider: Qualifying trips taken as part of the new rider promotion will count towards the existing rider promotion if over Ksh 500 before discount

Existing rider: No, the rides you accumulate can be for any amount, there is no set minimum or maximum. (In all cases, there must be 5 transactions made on the Uber user account to redeem the 6th ride free up to Ksh 1000)

  • Can I use my Uber offer rides in Kenya and abroad?

No, you can only take your free (Up to Ksh 1000) offer rides in Kenya. However, you can accumulate your 5 rides with Uber in any country where the Uber App is available.

  • Are the additional cardholders on my Visa account also eligible for the Uber offer?

Yes, the main cardholder and additional cardholders on the account are eligible for the offer. Each unique Uber account with a Visa card as the payment method is eligible for the offer.

  • Can I use my business Visa card for the Uber offer?

The Uber offer is only available to personal, non-business, Visa customers

  • Can I switch between my Visa Debit and Credit card and still get the 6th ride free? Eg 2 rides on my credit card and 3 on my debit?
    • Yes, as long as they are Visa cards and loaded under the same Uber profile, and they are KCB cards
    • If you remove your eligible card as the payment method, any Uber rides you pay for by a different method won’t count towards your 5 accumulated rides- but if you then re add your eligible card, you will pick up where you left off.
    • All 5 accumulated rides need to be booked on the same Uber account. If you close your Uber account and open another one, any rides accumulated on the closed account won’t be carried over to the new one.

For clarity, contact the KCB contact centre through:

  • 0711 087 000 / 0732 187 000
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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