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Let Me Introduce Ya’ll To The Niko Waks Program, A Jumpstart To Your Career

My guys, leo nimekuja na news ya wazii and if you’re unemployed ama job hunting, this just might be the read you need.

Nimekuwa nikiangalia the situation in our country regarding unemployment amongst us ma youth and also how hard it is penetrating into the job market. In a lot of cases, lazima ujue mtu huko juu ndio akuhook up na job. Yaani connections in the 254 ndio huongea a lot of the times… Unfortunately. And this has left a whole lot of us on the outside struggling to get employment even when we have the qualifications.

Those of us who are business oriented and have the resources tumebahatika and go on to start biasharas. Lakini we have to understand that not everyone has this opportunity. Alafu?

Lemme tell you, this is where KCB Foundation Niko Waks Program comes in. In partnership with Mastercard Foundation this platform is giving mad opportunities for us youth to gain employment in the hydroponic agriculture sector and make a life for ourselves. Yessss, even those who don’t have any prior skills or degrees. Like how coolo is that. So, kama uko na free time, it’s worth checking out, ama niaje?

Before twende mbali, hydroponic farming is farming that’s done bila soil, by using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent and that’s done in a greenhouse. Are we togeza…

So this is how it works you apply here and if you’re lucky enough to get a scholarship you’ll be well on your way to get training on a range of courses they offer like construction, manufacturing, agriculture and film.

Mnajua what the best part of this is, once you maliza your training in either of the courses you’re assured of a direct job, that is, in constructing the greenhouses, having your produce bought, kama uko in agriculture na kama wewe ni msee wa film, you get to shoot films to create awareness and inspire other youth out here.

Times are hard msee na kama umebangaiza home ebu give Niko Waks a chance. This is an opportunity that can open doors to a much brighter future. Pia unaeza cheki these testimonials of guys who’ve benefited from Niko Waks riiight here

Admin wishes you the best. Till next week J

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Jul 09, 2020 Trending

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