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Lipa na KCB Till

KCB has introduced the PAY WITH KCB solution that enables merchants to receive payments from multiple payment platforms through a single Vooma till number and settle funds into merchants bank accounts instantly. These platforms are

  1. From KCB Account using the KCB App & *522#
  2. Vooma wallet using *844# & Vooma App
  3. M-PESA pay bill 522533

This brings convenience to merchants: they can collect all their payments directly into their bank account without having to do several transfers from mobile wallets to bank accounts since there is no limit to the amount of money a merchant can receive. Moreover, the merchant can access the money instantly at no charge.

The centralized collection account (KCB A/C) will in turn improve their credit score thus enabling merchants to access higher credit facilities from the bank to enable them to expand their businesses.

The product supports micro, small, and medium enterprises around the country to conduct their business conveniently.

a) Merchants do not get charged any fees for receiving payments.
c) Money reflects instantly into the merchants' KCB Bank accounts.
d) Merchants can grow loan limits for regular use of the Vooma tills for payment.

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