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Current Account

For those who live life on the go, transact easily and round the clock at KCB ATMs and millions of outlets worldwide, deposit cash through our express ATMs with access to instant loans, all at a flat rate of Kes 300/- monthly.



What We Need From You

  • Valid Kenyan ID or passport
  • Your KRA PIN certificate

Account Rates & Fees*

  • Opening balance - Kes 1000
  • Monthly charge - Kes 300
  • Zero minimum balance
  • Debit visa card at a one fee of Kes 430
  • Cheque books at KCB branches at Kes 8 per leaf
  • ATM withdrawals – Kes 30
  • Over the counter withdrawal - Kes 200 (daily amounts above Kes 1M charged at Kes 5,000).
  • Local currency Banker’s Cheque - Kes 200

*Charges are not inclusive of tax

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