KCB chess team is a professional chess team in Kenya owned by KCB Bank. The team was formed during the late 80s. The pioneer players included Isaac Babu, Humphrey Andolo, and Joseph Kanyingi. The team won major honors between 1990 and 2000. KCB Chess currently participates in local tournaments and regional competitions. KCB’s Martin Njoroge was feted as the winner of the 2021 Kenya National Chess League. His counterparts Ben Nguku, Joyce Nyaruai, Benjamin Magana have also been dominating competitions. Joyce Nyaruai is considered Woman Candidate Master (WCM). The team is captained by Candidate Master Benjamin Magana. In February, Four KCB players qualified for the World Chess Olympiad; Ben Magana, Ben Nguku, Joyce Nyaruai, and Martin Njoroge. The Quadruplet are part of the Kenyan team that will represent the nation in the 2022 44th Chess Olympiad in Chennai, India.


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