Need cash? Usitense. We got you. Borrow a one month KCB M-PESA loan at a rate of 7.5% and sort out your financial needs bila stress. It is fast, easy and you get to access the highest limits. Furthermore, you can top up your existing loan multiple times within your limit and pay in full when the loan is due.

How to borrow a KCB M-PESA loan.


The loan will be deposited to your KCB M-PESA account. To access the loan, move the money to your M-PESA. It is free to send and withdraw money to M-PESA from KCB M-PESA. 

  • How it works
    • Access the M-PESA menu
    • Select Loans and Savings
    • Select KCB M-PESA
    • Select Loan
    • Select Request Loan
    • Enter Amount
    • Enter your M-PESA PIN
    • Loan amount will be sent to your KCB M-PESA Account less the interest, negotiation fee and excise duty which is deducted upfront
    • To access, the loan, go to KCB M-PESA menu and select Withdraw to M-PESA
  • Benefits
    • Upon activating the account, you will be issued with a loan limit from where you can borrow instantly. Loans issued are deposited into the KCB M-PESA Account.
    • You can access loan limits from as low as KES. 50 and up to KES. 1 Million.
    • Enjoy repayment periods of 30 days.
    • Loan repayment can be made via M-PESA or from the KCB M-PESA account.

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