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Jiinue Account

Salaried? Let us help you save, send and receive money affordably with the Jiinue account; with a monthly charge of Kes 50. That is not all; access loans of up to Kes 2,000,000. Let us open your account today, shall we?



What We Need From You*

  • Valid Kenyan ID or passport
  • Your KRA PIN certificate

*A bank representative may call you at any time to obtain further information in line with our KYC process. At no point shall you be asked for your PIN or passwords.  Remember, PIN yako siri yako.

Account Rates & Fees*

  • Opening balance - Kes 200.
  • Zero minimum balance.
  • A monthly charge of Kes 50.
  • ATM withdrawal - Kes 30
  • Visa Debit Card at a one off fee of Kes 430
  • Over the counter withdrawal - Kes 200 (daily amounts above Kes 1M charged at Kes 5,000).
  • Local currency Banker’s Cheque - Kes 200

*Charges are not inclusive of tax


Terms and Conditions

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