Ethics and Compliance

We at KCB minimize compliance uncertainty by ensuring that the activities of the Group and all employees are conducted in accordance with all regulations, codes of conduct and standards of good practice applicable in all the jurisdictions we operate in, as well as conforming to internal policies and standards of operation, and with the highest ethical standards. At KCB Group we adopt a zero tolerance position to all forms of corruption, bribery and unethical business practice, and at all times we consider and address the Reputational impact of the business decisions we make.

  • The Board through its Risk Management Committee exercises the responsibility for overseeing the management of the Group’s compliance risk.
  • Management is charged to implement the Compliance Charter & Policy which has been reviewed and approved by the Board.
  • The Group has an independent Compliance function that provides assistance to the board and management in complying with applicable laws, rules, codes and standards.

KCB GROUP is committed to creating and maintaining an environment throughout the Group in which good business ethics prevail and a trust-based internal culture is maintained.