Sisters of Mary Kakamega Receive Vital Support from KCB for Housing Project

KCB paid a courtesy call to the Sisters of Mary Kakamega, reaffirming and fortifying the partnership between the two esteemed institutions. During this visit, KCB generously donated Ksh 100,000 towards the construction of a much-needed tank for their Formation House, a crucial addition that will enhance the facilities for housing the sisters.

Sr. Angelina Josepha Atswele, the Superior General, expressed heartfelt gratitude for KCB's unwavering support across various projects, including schools and hospitals. She commended KCB for their exemplary assistance, not only in financial matters but also in providing invaluable advice and essential facilities. Sr. Atswele remarked, "KCB has been a great support throughout the year, and we are grateful for the banking support they provide to all the hospitals and schools we support. Their financial advice and facilities have been exemplary, and they always come through when we have initiatives to support."

Judy Nekoye, the KCB Branch Manager in Kakamega, conveyed the commitment of KCB to remain a steadfast ally to religious institutions, standing alongside them in their noble mission of serving their communities. Nekoye stated, "KCB will continue being a strong partner of religious institutions to support them in their mission of supporting their flock." This pledge underscores KCB's dedication to fostering enduring partnerships and making meaningful contributions to society.

Business Apr 13, 2024