Social Media Allegations on Money laundering

KCB Group Plc. has taken note of some social media posts circulating on various platforms which allege the Bank’s involvement in a money laundering scheme.

The Bank wishes to disassociate itself with the claims which are false and fashioned to injure the reputation of the Bank and its leadership. The matter has been investigated and the alleged transactions found to be non-existent.

As a highly regulated entity, KCB adheres to all the relevant local and international banking regulations with strict adherence to Prudential and Anti Money Laundering Laws issued by the Central Bank of Kenya.

KCB Bank reserves the right to pursue the authors of these fictitious claims through legal channels.

We assure our stakeholders of the Bank’s commitment to continue offering excellent customer experience, supporting the country’s economic agenda and transforming the lives of communities across markets in which we operate.




Business Oct 09, 2020