Aswani: Striking A Balance Between Fine Arts And Pacenotes

Did you know that KCB Racing Team driver Absalom Aswani is a fine arts guru?

Aswani has competed at the top level of the sport both in Kenya and Tanzania behind the wheel of pretty much everything!

But for Evans Kavisi’s current navigator, it's a question of striking the right balance between racing and art.

So, at what point did Aswani realize he had the bug?: “I started arts from a young age. For me, it was kind of a natural talent and I developed to study it at an undergraduate level and got a Bachelor's degree in F. A.”

Asked how his fine art antics relate to rallying, Aswani expounded: “As a skill, precision is rife. I tend to be detailed and concise even at planning level and recce.”

“I like to know well ahead of time what I intend to do. So early planning of events and course of action is important which I carry from my artistic flow of work.”

And prodded to explain if he has ever dreamt of doing an artwork for his favorite rally driver, Aswani went on: “Not really. Like any career, anyone can be a client. So, anybody willing to pay for my skill is my dream.”

Aswani currently runs a studio in Karen, and also at his house. “I have a studio for digital art. Besides that, I also work with architects and interior designers to do wall art installations for houses and buildings.”

With an apparently insatiable appetite for success, Aswani has always loved the thrill in sporting on the edge. He has been into boxing, martial arts, rugby and now motorsports. 

“Navigation was the easier option compared to driving and I got stuck there- thoroughly enjoying it! It is about being organized, and above all, affinity to be fearless and being ready for anything,” he explained in finality.

Sports Jul 15, 2022