Autocross Six Lives to its Promise

Autocross is the beating heart of motorsports in Kenya, and human interaction its soul, so when coronavirus brought the world to a screeching halt in early 2020, the industry’s prospects appeared uncertain. But always resilient and innovative, this sport is speedily adapting. 

Over the weekend, the Bank staged the Sixth Round of the KCB Autocross Championship at Jamhuri Autotract. Although, a silent milestone, the season is now only having four more rounds to go, with the bank and the other organisers showing that sporting activities can be held within the Covid-19 safety protocols. 

“Despite mass cancellations of events due to Covid-19, we believe the appetite for organising sporting events during the pandemic is actually very high and that knowledge exchange on the safe organisation is crucial right now,” said  KCB Nairobi Central Region Business Manager Nuru Abubakar during the Prize Giving ceremony. 

In Kenya, autocross is critical as it’s considered the pipeline for talent development for rally drivers. Its resumption earlier in the year was marred with fears of crowd control, the organizers, however, have demonstrated success in hosting them. 

Sports Sep 06, 2021