Balancing Motherhood And Sports; KCB Star Mercy Moim Explains As The World Marks Mothers’ Day.

Mercy Moim has been one of the star player in the KCB Women’s Volleyball team side and National Team side Malkia Strikers. With the star lady leading the line on the sports front, many may not know that Mercy Moim is a mother of one and balancing sports and motherhood has been a bitter sweet situation for her.

As the world Marked World’s Mothers’ day celebration last weekend, Moim was all praise for those mothers and women who decide to into the male dominated area of sports.

“It takes courage for us mothers to decide to go into sports when we know there are other bigger responsibilities of parenting back at home. I want to commend all those mothers who are courageous enough to get into sports.” Mercy Said.

On juggling between sports and motherhood, Mercy was straight to the point on how she manages to balance the two responsibilities and they challenges she faces along the way.

“In 2013 I went to Finland for six months. Imagine living behind my child for all that time while I was out there trying to create my story on the sports front. It is always a hard situation to find yourself in as a mum.” Narrated Mercy.

“But for me, my child always gives me that extra energy to go out there and succeed in sports. I go all out to make a living from sports to support my child and provide for her needs. So, when I go out there for a long time, I always know that I am doing it for him and that is an encouragement for me.” Emotional Mercy finished.

KCB Assistant Coach David Muthui was all praise for Mercy on how she has managed to balance between motherhood and sports.

“I Know Mercy as an exceptional player for the club and National team. Mercy has done very well in juggling between parenting and making sure she succeeds in sports. I want to loud her for being courageous and wish her and all the mothers in our squad and in sports a happy mothers’ day.” Said Coach Muthui.

Sports May 11, 2021