Chager Says It's Almost Impossible To Stop Tundo's Title Campaign On KCB Guru Nanak

Defending Champion Baldev Singh Chager aka "Boldy'' believes stopping leader Carl "Flash" Tundo from reclaiming the Kenya National Rally Championship title at Sunday's season-closing KCB Guru Nanak Rally is going to be a tall order.

Chager has a tiny chance of defending the title he won in 2019  before COVID-19 saw the 2020 season end prematurely.

The ``Flying Sing '' will be seeking to close the season with a win with hopes  that Tundo stumbles in the Il-Bissel based event which will be organized by Sikh Union Club Nairobi.

The event has been moved from Stony Athi to Il-Bissel due to inclement weather, according to a bulletin from Clerk of the Course Onkar Kalsi.

Kalsi added that the route itinerary will be announced in due course through a bulletin.

--Title Chase--

Tundo realistically only needs to finish eighth to secure the title given his 25-point advantage over Chager.

If Tundo finished eighth, he would have chalked up the much-needed 11 points enough to reclaim the title he lost to Chager a few years back.

Chager can only manage a maximum of 176, that is if he wins the event outright and indeed wins the Power Stage where the top three will earn bonus points (5,2,1) towards the championship.

 However, one slip up could throw the championship battle firmly in Chager’s favour.

Mathematically, Boldy still has a slim chance of winning the championship. 

Asked about his approach Boldy said: “We have to beat Flash by 25 points which is very difficult. Even if he drives on third gear, he will get the necessary points needed to win the championship. Unless something drastic happens to him, only then we have a chance but at the pace that we are at the moment there is a very slim chance for us, until he has a major issue. But we will go and attack it as we always do, and do the best we can given that Guru Nanak Rally is a home rally for us. The name Guru Nanak is associated with sikhism, just like Jesus to the Christians. "

Chager will team up with Ravi Chana in a VW Polo R5 while Tundo will go for the title in his traditional Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10 and navigated by longstanding co-driver Tim Jessop.

"Sikh Union Club always puts a special effort, a finish at the clubhouse is always a great occasion to interact with the rally family atr competition," added Chager.

Meanwhile, season closer in Bissell will see some drivers and navigators fight for titles in various divisions of the Championship.

Jasmeet Chana and Aakif Virani already have the Group N and Division One titles in the bag. Their participation in Bissell will be a mere formality, given their championship statu after Thika Rally..

Maxine Wahome will be fighting with former Two Wheel champion Daren Miranda for the Division title.

Maxine, in his very first year of rallying, tops the Division Two log on 137 points against Daren's 123.

And having not graced the first two events, Maxine must enter the Guru Nanak to attain the 75% threshold for participation.

Maxine, a bike rider turned rally driver, made her debut on WRC Safari with Chantal Young but later changed her navigator to Linet Ayuko. Linet is assured of the Division Two navigators' championship and will be supporting Maxine for a driver-navigator title success.

She currently sits 9th on the KNRC log with a 100% finish record thus far.


1. Carl Tundo  166

2. Baldev Chager  141

3. Jasmeet Chana 120

4. Aakif Virani 93

5. Karan Patel  84

6. Onkar Rai  73

7. Mcrae Kimathi  61

8. Nikhil Sachania 53

9. Maxine Wahome  52

10. Tejveer Rai 49



1. Jasmeet Chana  192

2. Maxine Wahome  99

3. Nikhil Sachania  93

4. Evans Kavisi  64

5. Hamza Anwar  54



1. Maxine Wahome137

2. Daren Miranda123

3. Hamza Anwar  84

4. Evans Kavisi 73

5. Kush Patel 58

6. Jeremy WahomE 54

7. Nzioka Waita 54

Sports Dec 06, 2021