Magana Currently Leading The Chess Olympiad Qualifiers

KCB’s Ben Magana who is also the Country’s highest rated player currently leads in World Chess Olympiad Qualifiers. Magana has registered 3 wins and a draw.

The competition which started on Friday 28th January, has become a tough affair with players looking to qualify for the 44th Olympiad slated for July 26th to August 8th in Russia.

Speaking after his first game today at the KCB Ruaraka Sports Club, Magana reckons the competition has been tough but he believes he will make the final cut of the 5 players who will be representing Kenya in Russia.

“So far, the competition is tough but we are managing well.  As you can see, Kenya National Chess champion Martin Njoroge is currently doing well. As KCB Chess team captain, I am delighted to have 4 out of 11 best players competing today. Some of us are taking rests and preparing for next weekend’s crunch.”

On his side, Ben Nguku is confident that this year he will manage to travel should he qualify. He recounts he has been qualifying but failing to travel due to work engagements.

“Having taken a rest, I believe it will give me an upper hand going to the final phase of the remain game. I am well prepared and optimistic that as KCB players we will qualify for the upcoming event.”

The KCB players who made it to the 11 best chess players selected to compete for the 5 spots include:

  • Ben Magana- Candidate master and country’s highest rated player.
  • Martin Njoroge- Kenya National Chess Champion 2021
  • Ben Nguku
  • Joyce Nyarau-Country’s highest rated female player.
  • Joseph Methu-Second highest rated player.

Sports Feb 01, 2022