• Goal Account

    Get closer to your Chama goals with the highest-earning savings account in Kenya. Lock your savings for periods between 6 months and 5 years while being able to borrow up to 100% of those savings in loans. The Goal Account also offers great flexibility, allowing you to open multiple accounts to help you pursue all your dreams.

  • Fixed Deposits

    Grow your money with our Fixed Deposit account. Our competitive interest rate of up to 6% p.a. on your savings will have you reach your goal faster. The interest applies to local and foreign currencies; and will only be accrued if the money remains in the account for the agreed tenor.

  • Dual Currency Deposits

    Dual option currency deposits provide a fixed rate of interest above that which is paid out by traditional money market investments.

    The tenure of these deposits’ range from one to three months, during which no capital protection is offered.

  • Treasury Bills & Bonds

    Looking for a stable and risk-free way to grow your money? Treasury Bills and Bonds are a surefire investment that can be a stable source of income.

    KCB Capital in Treasury Bills and Bonds on your behalf.

  • Call Deposits

    Sign up for Call Deposit; an interest-bearing investment account that allows you to withdraw your money from the account without a penalty, at a moment’s notice.

    Enjoy the various benefits, such as withdrawing from your account without prior notification to the bank.

  • Custody Services

    Our custody services are designed for all our customers from retail customer, high net-worth individuals, and corporates looking to diversify their investment portfolio both in the local and international money market funds.

    We will hold in custody on your behalf funds, securities, financial instruments or documents of title to the assets of an investment portfolio.

    Our core customer services include; settlement of investment transactions, capital and income collection (e.g. dividends, Interest income), corporate actions processing, proxy voting services, compliance monitoring, activity reporting, corporate trustee services, central depository agency services and safekeeping of securities