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Reasons You Should Begin Investing In Yourself

18th May, 2017

With the rising cost of living and inflation in economies around the world, we are more convinced than ever that we need to prepare ourselves for tougher days ahead. That said, for those of who yet to jump on the bandwagon, investing is definitely the way to.

Investing in yourself will ensure that you cushion yourself from the financial impediments that may present themselves in future. Research by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics in its latest economic survey reveals that the main priority of Kenyans today is saving for their future and growing their business ventures.

This statistic is indeed encouraging as it reflects the progressing mindsets of Kenyans that is shifting away from employment and venturing towards entrepreneurship – which might as well be the only solution to the rising rate of unemployment in the country.

KCB Lions’ Den is one of the initiatives geared towards alleviating the Kenyan public from the unemployment obstacle that many youth are currently facing while at the same time encouraging entrepreneurship.

The den allows you to pitch your products and services to investors who are looking to invest in the next big thing with the hope of investing in ingenious ideas and businesses that have the potential of rising to the global ranks of Facebook, Microsoft, Virgin Atlantic and many more,. You need to be able to convince the Lions why you deserve it more than the other contestants and if you ask me, this is definitely the true test of passion.

So if you feel like you have envisioned the next big idea in your mind so many times you are inches away from touching success, worry not… KCB Lions’ Den offers you the opportunity to turn your dream into a reality. Five of the most successful entrepreneurs in the region are waiting for you in the den. I know I will be there, how about you?

Visit  for more details on how to grow your business and build your idea into an enterprise.

Deadline for applying is May 31st so let’s hurry there now folks!!

Good Luck!!

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