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Admin Is Ready For The Weekend With His KCBae Credit Card. Na Wewe?

M’guys I hope mmekuwa na wiki njema. Boy aren’t I glad it’s Friday! Lakini vile wiki huwa inakimbia my excitos for the weekend never lasts.

This week has been a particularly dull one for me. Dealing with the Nai cold and the isolation had been really getting to me. How have you guys been coping? Tebu you give admin some tips. Taking care of your mental health muhimu msee and I hope ya’ll have not been compromising on that. Iss a lot going on right now and you’re allowed to be a littu selfish. That leave, apply, hiyo vacay, pack them bags and go away for a while to recharge. Your phone, zoea kuweka ‘do not disturb’ ama kuzima bundles for a few hours. You can call me the king of self care now coz wueh! I have been on this vibe for a minute now.

Speaking of vacationing, it’s about that time of the year when I disappear from jobo and take myself somewhere nice. Do some online shopping and lipia for my vacay destination with my KCB Credit Card

Yo, hold that though for a bit. I speak to a lot of people and when it comes to owning a credit card they lenga that storo kabisa. I know, I know, it’s like wekaing for yourself a deni but it actually has so many perks. As long as you’re practicing good financial habits it’s no wahalla owning one. Anweis, we’ll talk about how having a good credit score can boost you financially next time…

So back to what I was saying, yes, my RnR time is nigh and I’m ready to splurge a bit for myself. The best thing about shopping or paying with my KCB credit card – earning Simba points, getting mad deals and discounts, insurance, lipa pole pole options (hii huwa income through) and so much more. So msiogope sana. And since we are all about building ourselves financially this doesn’t sound too bad ey?

Hii mwaka haitaisha kabla nipande ndege. That much awaited boys’ vacay with Sospeter and Wafula should be coming through anytime now. And of course we’re not looking any further than these fire KCB Deals. There’s something for everyone so don’t be slacking.

And also I’m down for weekend shenanigans, tumeni DM. I’m ready to leave this crib coz heh. Kuishi solo can get a bit hard sometimes. Let’s see where the wind will blow us 😏 😏 😏


Over and Out,

The Witty Banker.

Aug 26, 2021 Trending

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