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Banks Can Be Superheroes Too

11th Oct, 2016

The excitement that engulfed me when I received that coveted phone call. The phone call that would determine whether I would be confined to the usual back and forth associated with submitting an undergraduate project or join my peers in building the nation in one of the corporate firms in the city.

In your final year as an undergraduate, getting that internship however small the company is, was the most sought after opportunity.

Upon informing my parents-they were even happier than I was, (Probably because they secretly knew that the burden of paying bills would partly be shifted to the newest member of the working class) I closed my eyes & pictured all the shoes my new salary would buy.

The first day of work was an epic experience. The kind lady from HR took me round my new department and introduced me to the boss and my soon to be colleagues.

That day, my tea snack was catered for, and my new boss decided to spoil me with a welcoming lunch from Chicken Inn. The simple joys of life are indescribable I tell you. At the end of the day, I convinced myself that I could definitely get used to this life. Move over Mum and Dad, the next CEO is in the making.

No sooner had I began to get accustomed to my new lifestyle, than the tables quickly changed and I didn’t realize what hit me. The work load began to pile up, I started getting less sleep every day, looking forward to bedtime and dreading mornings. Yep, they call it growing up my friend, or what millennials refer to as, ‘Adulting.’

End month drew closer and the atmosphere changed instantly, it dawned on me that payday was nearer that I had envisioned. I then understood why most parents have two moods, the Friday (Weekend is here) feeling and the I just got paid syndrome.

The message informing me that I had made a significant stride away from poverty vibrated through my phone and I suddenly felt the urge to take a flight to the coast and reward myself for all the hard work I had put in for the last few weeks.

Time to text mom and let her know I will not make it in for dinner tonight. Seafood anyone?

‘Adulting’ becomes real when your mum responds to your message reminding you to buy groceries for the next day & some milk and bread for breakfast.

She also reminds you to buy electricity units as the meter is almost running out. Miraculously your sister also needs books for school and all her uniforms are torn so she needs new ones.

You think you have your calculations for your monthly expenditure all sorted out then your grandmother flashes you out of the blue. You return her call immediately only for her to request you to buy a tin of paint as she is in the process of painting the cowshed. Surely, do cowsheds require paint?

Later that day you meet up with your fellow associates and proceed to lament how your salary will be over by the time you meet everyone’s need.

Tim, ‘the know it all’ decides to school everyone about the amazing deals and partnerships KCB Bank consumers can take advantage of. I quickly head over to to confirm because Tim has a reputation of stretching the truth a ‘bit’ too far.

And boy was I impressed! I would basically purchase all my sister’s and grandmother’s needs at a discounted price and still get more for myself without straining my income too much.

With amazing deals on construction supplies of up to 35% off, furniture, appliances and crown paint products at discounted prices, I was sorted! Also, I would get a 10% discount off any uniforms bought at Uniform Distributors and most importantly 5% off books and stationery at Text Book Centre.

My life basically changed then and there and I understood why becoming an adult is no joke. All these responsibilities? I will stick to enjoying my youth while I can, thank you. Cheers to KCB Bank for saving its customers and us interns! Our purchasing power has some way to go still.

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