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Car Insurance? Getting Your KCB Motor Insurance Has Never Been Easier

Wallapangalaz wasee. By show of hands wangapi walikuwa wanaanza ma letter zao high school hivi? 🤣🤣🤣 Aki what werethooooze! I wonder what the kids are saying nowadays… Anyway, I trust you guys have had an okay week, yangu imekuwa tu hapo. But we are alive and well and that’s of importance.

Yaani we are entering the other half of the year, mnaeza amini you’ve spent close to half a year indoors? Wueh. Na bado. I guess it’s safe to say all the plans I had for this year are well out the window (mnakumbuka ile boys’ trip we were planning with Sospeter and Wafula hapa, I guess this year bado hatutapanda ndege) lakini ni sawa. Let me not even think about it too much coz nitashikwa na makasiriko.

Anyhu, mimi I’m just continuing to try keep myself busy kwa hao, aside from kuchapa kazi. I’m too scared to gallivant freely out in these streets. How are you people doing it? Unless you really have to or you’ve resumed going to the office, mkumbuke just because things are opening up doesn’t make it safe to mingle freely. We still have to be very careful wasee.

Wacha niwapee udaku ya plot yetu. Wueh, so this week, as I was minding my own, nikatolewa kwa hao by my neighbor’s shouting. Kutoka nje, I found out that the side mirrors of her moti were gone. So where I stay, parking ni ngori and some residents are forced to park nje ya gate. Ile drama hii incident ililetea watchi aki, I pity him.

Turns out said neighbor had not renewed her car insurance. She’s lucky the side mirrors is all that the thieves got away with coz balaa! It could have been worse. Having car insurance is important as it covers your expenses in the event of vehicle damage or injuries to other drivers, passengers or pedestrians. So in this incident of my neighbor’s, she prolly wouldn’t have to dig into her pocket to cover the costs of fixing her side mirrors (also, it’s illegal to not have insurance!).

Mine is to just say something small about copping your KCB Motor Insurance. If you thought it could not get any easier, let me tell you, IT JUST DIIIIDDD! In this time of COVID kwanza, with us trying to #StayHome as much as we can, you’ll be happy to know that you can get your insurance or have it renewed online, no need to head to the bank! Every ting is now digital, even acquiring your sticker, which you can print out for yourself and stick it on your car one time. See how easy KCB makes things for us ☺

Sidebar, siamini I’m preaching car insurance na mimi bado ni mtu wa legsus. But I am speaking it into existence. Moti tutanunua very soon. Ata kama ni kadudu, we have to start somewhere, right? Lakini on the real, with KCB’s Motor Insurance utaget benefits mob, and protect yourself, others and your precious car in case things go left.

That is the end of my something small. Let’s be careful out here, all round. Don’t drive around without insurance and keep yourselves safe from the rona! ☺


Over and Out,

 The Witty Banker.

Jun 26, 2020 Trending

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