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Cubs In The Den

8th Jun, 2018

What were you doing at 10 years old? Me-I think nilikuwa natafunatafuna mauzi za the sleeve of my sweater. Ama bado nilikuwa nafurahishwa na kupendua my eyelids inside out alafu tunakimbizana kama tusaitan. But kitu niko sure bado nilikuwa napigania ding’oing’o na brother ya kina Boi.

How times have changed! Did you guys know there’s a kid who made $11M last year from reviewing toys on YouTube!!! Aki ya Mungu ingekuwa mimi! Plus, the little chap is 6 years old. Anaitwa Ryan . Nunua bundles ujue vitu nani.

Kids these days are really something else! I see kids operating devices and while we can sit here and debate whether it’s ‘healthy’ or not, we can all agree that it is indeed mighty impressive! Kids are really out here making boss moves and we cannot deny that. Tusigombane bure priss.

We all believe in our little ones. Heck I overhear parents on Cub Fun Days passive aggressively arguing about their own kids being smarter than the next parent’s. While we were growing up, you were more likely to hear statements like, “heh, huyu wako ni mwerevu sijui wangu nilimuokota wapi…” You were the favourite child of every household if you were made a prefect. Aaah, but shida yetu ilikuwa nini?
So the other day kwa ofisi, I came up with an idea and my mkubwa akaipenda. I sincerely smell a promotion coming my way. The last time nilitoa idea ya maana huku, smokie zilikuwa 20/- so priss, let me shine in my light.

On to my idea. I thought, “hey, kids today are so smart. Why don’t we invite them to the Den to pitch to the Lions?” KCBae huwa imependa tutoto so idea iliweza na kakaivana. Most parents will keep this a secret in their kids’ favour but sisi na transparency, one side.

If your kid is aged 10-15, they stand a chance at two amazing things:

Appearing in the Den to pitch to the Lions. This also means they’ll be on telly! Imagine that thrill ya kupigia your fellow PTA parents kuringa and your entire village coz your kiddo is on telly, PITCHING! You’ll have to apply on behalf of your child and escort them pale Den. So pia wewe you’ll have your 15mins of fame! Mi nakumbuka time fulani nikiwa event inarhyme na ‘pseudo dufia’. Nilivunjika meno tukiskumana kuappear on the papers. You could hardly see my face. Magazeti hizo siku zilikuwa zinakaa zimeprintiwa na water colours. My momma was so proud, she framed it and it hangs in our living room. God bless that woman! I digress.

There’s 100,000/- up for grabs! We’ll choose three top ideas. The best pitch wins the cash. Na msikuwe wale wazazi mkiulizwa doh mliomba watoi mnaanza kuwahesabia wamekula KDF ngapi. We’ll put the cash into the kiddo’s Cub Account to fund the business.

Juu sisi hatunanga ubaya na watu, this opportunity is open to everyone – that goes for non-KCB customers too.

So leo badala ya kudiscuss DM na BD na Hubby kwa ile group ya Kilimani; ama vile mumezoea kutype ‘f’ on every post, share hii link usaidie mtu.

I’m really starting to feel like I only come bearing good news on this blog kila time. Next week nakuja kuongea mambo ya deni yako… sanasana wewe… maze, umezoea vibaya.

Wacha ata niende!

The Witty Banker.

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