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Easter Is Round The Corner, Itakuwaje? Let Me Muse You With This Funny Storo Of Mine

Wadau, wacha niwaambie how I’ve been looking forward to the long Easter weekend next week!

Counting down the days. Na najua siko solo. I’ve been craving a holiday so this couldn’t kuja at a better time. I’m really looking forward to eat, sleep, repeat for those 4 days lakini vile kina Sospeter and Wafula have been on my case anything goes. Hawa hawachokangi na enjoyment. Lakini pia, I wouldn’t mind some derailment.

On that note nimekumbuka an interesting storo. I’m guessing ya’ll have those tu pals with whom you always used to get into mischief with. That was (IS) me, Sospeter, Wafula and a few other chaps back in our uni days. We were inseparable lakini we fell out with a few of them. Different life paths, nini nini… It’s just the three musketeers who are still going strong.

Sasa I kumbuka the first time me and the gang went to coasto one Easter many moons ago (mimi nakuwanga mzee BTW msinione hivi) and if you finish reading you’ll understand why it was a trip to remember.

Tulikuwa rende of about 6 dudes, broke as a joke, but always ready to have a good time. Tukaamua Easter haitupati Nairobi and we decided to hop on a Crown bus and head to the city of maisha raha. With our few shillings, and I mean a few, off we went. Ata we didn’t know where we would sleep but sisi ni nani. Those would be problems for the next day. I remember I hadn’t even told the folks I was heading to Mombatha coz there was a long story I was trying to avoid with them.

Tukafika asubuhi na mapema and you know this boy from the village just had to head straight to the beach. We had a dip, dried hapo tu and decided to tour the city, luggage and all (we had travelled light).

Now, there’s a reason they call it Mombasa raha and we found out the hard way. Kama ni enjoyment, it was had. A bit too much actually, na imagine doh zikakatsika hivo tu. As in all of us! We blew all our small monies in one day and had nothing to survive on. Borrowing from the folks? Ningeambia watu nini? That was not an option.

Operating on autopilot (si mnajua tu hiyo uchovu ya travelling by bus…), tired, out of chums and with nowhere to sleep we decided to get on a bus back to Nairobi that evening 🤡🤡🤡

That has to go into record as the shortest trip ever. And for what it’s worth, one of the most memorable 🤣

Anweis, we are older now, a lot smarter na pia tuko na kakitu kwa mfuko angalau. No more one-day trips to the coast. Also, if you’re planning any Easter travels, Buupass got you. You can lipa for Crown or Greenline bus tickos using Vooma at cheaper rates and on ANY network bila wass online pap here.

See ya’ll next week. I’ll be sure to fill you in on whatever plans these two buddies of mine will drag me into.


Over & Out,

The Witty Banker.

Mar 25, 2021 Trending

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