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Easter Plans Don’t Have To Be A Bust, Cheki…

Heh, wasee, saa kaa sahii inanitake back to a year ago… Lockdown strong. Guys who are in Coasto and other areas, mnaskia aje? Sisi wa Nairobi and environs ata hatujaskia vibaya.

Two Easters in a row tukiangaliana, but issokei. This too shall pass. Actually I’m kinda happy hiyo doh ya kupiga sherehe na kina Sospeter na Wafula nitasave pale KCB Goal Savings Account kama kawa, coz high interest rates 😋😋😋. So at least that’s one positive thing coming out of this lockdown. And BTW, juu ya hiyo story, lemme put you on… Now you can actually calculate how much of your chums you’ll have saved by your preferred target right here. If that ain’t the coolest thing ever, I don’t know what is…

Now that Easter is #cancelled, it’s time to get kidogo creative with some dope activities:

  1. Quiz night

Or day… Given that we now have to be home super early… There’s some tu nice pages on the gram you can cop a few games and pass the time away with your squad.

  1. BBQ

As in what is a Kenyan chill out if it doesn’t involve some nyama? Sasa to make it more interesting, order and prep it yourself instead of ordering in. Cook outs with those you love are the best. Also, make it a potluck and have some of your guests come with accompaniments. Ita kusave doh na pia kupika. Win win 😉

  1. Activities for the tois

Wueh, parents, just know we are here for you. Kwanza now that schools are closed. Anyway, you can keep the kids busy this long weekend with some Easter themed activities for them like egg hunts, egg painting, ama a movie day with some interesting animations. This will also give you some much needed rest time as they will be occupied and out your hair.

  1. Easter baskets

Prep some thoughtful Easter basket gifts for a few of your buddies or famo. In these crazy times, you don’t know… That ka small gift can really come through for someone in a very BIG way…  

And as we either celebrate Easter whether with a few of our peeps or alone, let’s remember those of us who are struggling juu this lockdown has, again, affected the jobs of thousands of people all over the country. So reach out to your fam, friends and even that waiter or waitress at your fav joint to see how they’re doing.

Have a good one, Wadau. Let’s all stay safe, keep hope alive and continue to love on each other ❤. Happy Easter from me to you and yours!


Over & Out,

The Witty Banker.

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