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Financing For Your Chuo? Issa Plan Right Here

My peeps, how’s it going?

For me, wacha tu. I have already started counting down the days to Chrisi and please don’t judge me. Sijui mbona niko na ka excitement but I’m really looking forward to December. As of today we have 77 days… Wueh, saying that out loud makes it seem like iss a lot but we’re practically in November, no? 😊

The fact that hii mwaka inaisha is making me kidogo happy. This 2020 has been something else! I’m sure a lot of us are readyyyy for it to be over and done with.

Which brings me to the topic of the day... My pals who are peroz. Wacha nianze tu kusalute all parents who have had to stay with their tois during these quarantine times plus had to work. Ya’ll deserve a trophy. I think also it has really opened our eyes to how hard teachers work (you guys are the real MVPs BTW).

One of these days, when quarantine rules had eased up kidogo I decided to visit a pal of mine who has two young kids. Ni nini watoi huwa wanakula? Coz the energy they had was out of this world. I’m talking All. Day. Long. Then let’s not even get started on the struggle for online classes. They had to be bribed to sit still for at least 30 minutes ndio wasome. Whew! I’m telling you I left there with at least 10 pointers on when my batch of babies come. Aiyam ready for daddy duties now aki.

Parents out here can’t wait for schools to reopen yo. Niko sure pia the kids have missed their buddies. Lakini with the COVID sitch we just dunno when this will happen. But when things are good to go, ya’ll better be prepared.

There’s a dope offer for learning institutions, where they can get loans to help them ease into our new normal. Keeping the kids safe is a priority for chuos and even you as a parent can rest easy knowing your kids are safe at school sindio? Institutions can borrow loans to help purchase stationary, laptops, sanitization booths, masks, desks and a whole lot of other necessities to make sure safety and hygiene is top notch. You can read all bout it here

Vile kunaenda, this pandemic might be here for a while and it’s good to find ways around it mapema so we can all go back to some sense of normalcy. Imagine all the time kids have lost being out of school… Kuna hopes though.

To all parents, keep doing what you’re doing. And to you teachers, wueh, admin amestan. Tupatane next week.


Over & Out,

The Witty Banker.

Oct 08, 2020 Trending

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