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For The Love Of Money

23rd Feb, 2017

It is the month of love and the bright pink cloud of love is hovering the universe in search of those who have fallen prey to this beast called love.

Unlike before, love does not only refer to human to human affection but also for the finer things life has to offer; enter – Mr. /Mrs. Sponsor. But they represent the get rich easy lifestyle, and while it is hard to admit, many of us fall outside that bracket! Yes! It is for the fortunate few.

Nevertheless, Destiny’s child taught us better    (All the women, are Independent! Throw your hands up at me)    Believe it or not honey, as we look towards your future, it is perfectly fine to consider money as your Bae.

You know why? Money pays the bills, money takes you shopping and money keeps you smart in your designer shoes, your designer colognes and whatever else.  But let’s not forget, money only treats you right, if you in turn return the favor.

And how do we do this children?

In Unison let us say it, “Let Money Grow up!”

Leaving your money in a savings account is the best advice anyone can give you at this point in time.

Sure, spending right there and then feels liberating, exhilarating even, but have you thought about the pride that will capture your heart after a few months, better yet years of saving?

Saving ensures that you attain your goals faster and with less hassle as opposed to the last minute fundraising that we Africans are used to (I see you looking over your shoulder!)

Why not evade the annoying fundraisers that lead to reaching out to friends of relatives you haven’t seen or spoken to in years! Independence is the way, my dears!

As you fall in love this season, don’t forget to love your money enough to let it grow. I guarantee, it gives you a sense of gratification you have never known before.

I know you will certainly thank me later as you cruise your Aston Martin through the Uhuru Highway traffic.

FYI: KCB Mpesa spells out your dreams in full with one month loans with interest at 3.91%.


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