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Happy New Month, What’s Good?

This past weekend was everything and then some!

Ya’ll REAAAAALLY showed up and showed out in Vasha to support our own and our teams did us so proud. I even got to meet some of you. BTW how did ya’ll like that chopper ride? Exciting, ey 😎​…  Yezzzz, that is how your fav bank rolls, LOL. Imagine admin is still recovering from the weekend like the guka he is 😰​. I didn’t think old age would catch up with me this quick but…

Wenye mlibaki in your home towns, be glad you missed out on one thing… the traffic. Sijawai ona traffic kama hiyo in one place my whole life! Made me appreciate the traffic I deal with almost on a daily in the city (I will take this back in a bit ​😅). But anweis, we conquered it like the beasts we are.

Now that I’m back home and still recovering, I plan on being a home body for at least two weekends straight. Ndio nikirudi I come back with a bang tumalize mwezi vizuri… What activities do ya’ll do in the crib apart from Netfix and Chill and hosting buddies (I don’t think I have the energy for the latter aki)? I need help. BTW kuna game kali I’m hoping to catch so safe to say I’ll have at least one thing to look forward to.

Lakini naona sana sana Sospeter and Wafula trying to derail me kama kawaida. Have you ever looked at someone and just thought are we the same? Yaani these guys neva taiya oh! Tulikuwa nao Naivasha enjoyment na hawa-seem wamechoka kama mimi. Crossing my fingers and toes that there’s nothing exciting happening in the grape vines juu nitabebwa one time for their plans.

Alafu tusisahau the wilderbeast migration is back ​🤣​🤣​🤣​🤣​🤣​ hehe. If you and your squad missed out (nilihata imagine) last time here’s your chance to redeem yourselves. Mbebane vile mlibebana Naivasha to the Mara and have yourselves a blast. I’m seriously considering it (vile wera imekuwa ikinipeleka, I need a ka break). Sio kila saa Coast. Admin needs to try something different for a change. Ya’ll can check out our deals page kama tuko same same. We are sure there will be something that will interest you if you’re looking for a getaway… Discounted flight to the Mara ama dope hotel deals like this like this.

Wasee, tukutane next week - I’m sure my body will have come back to life. I hope the start of this month brings you exactly what you’re wishing and hoping for. Admin wishes you and yours a good one! Happy Friday and have an ozam weekend ahead ​💙​. Wacha nipange vile nitalala for the next two days straight…


Over & Out,

The Witty Banker.

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