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Here’s To Making The Most Out Of Our Finances This Last Half Of The Year

Wadau nimewamiss. Wah!

Hope mmekuwa tu sawa and keeping safe. Not to forget warm. Eh, these past few weeks have been hard for this bachelor in this Nairobi cold. My best buddy now is the heater I copped from HotPoint coz KCBae had an offer I just couldn’t resist and neither should you. Check out some dope offers soon right here. I’m all about saving any extra cash, no matter how little when I can, which brings me to today’s agenda; shmoney!

Eeeh, sahii ndio mmeanza ku-pay attention? ⁠😉⁠ As much as sometimes huwa nikiwapigia udaku tupu, mans has been really working hard on himself and change a few things kwanza financial habits. If there’s one thing this rona sitch has taught us is anything can happen anytime so best be prepared no? But also just do it for yo’self nonetheless.

Not to blow my own trumpet but wacha I give kidogo credit where its due… Over the past few months nimeona such an improvement in my savings. WFH has really helped my struggling bank account LOL. I’ve been steadily saving my coins. Salo ikiingia hivi, after kulipa these a million bills, I send money straight to my KCB Simba Savings Account using my KCB App. Easy peasy.

My guys, nipee tu a few niomoke vizuri. Sitashikika. Pesa otas. Ya’ll better join me. Discipline small small here and there. You can do it too.

Also, I have some good news. We are willing to walk this financial journey with ya’ll with more dope content. We’re talking planning your maisha, creating wealth, budgeting, the D word (debt, guys) and all that cool stuff so be sure to keep it right here.

Anweis, let me prepare for the weekend. Nimekuwa nikiitegea kama nonsense coz a man is taiyad! Stay safe and have a good one! Tuonane next week sindio?


Over & Out,

The Witty Banker.

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