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How To Cruise Through Your December Holiday

8th Dec, 2016

As we all type away in our office cubicles and pensively day dream about how we will spend the Christmas holidays, the one thing that separates us from that dream vacation in the Bahamas and a night in the police cell (over an unpaid bill) is the power of the wallet.

However, as much as we want to go ham this December, we need to make sure we make calculated and informed choices that will not force us to hibernate in Njaanuary. – Which unfortunately is only 3 weeks away.

Nevertheless, let us take you through a step by step process that will ensure that you enjoy your holiday and at the same time save some cash to see you through the “longest” month of the year.

Budget your income. As much as many find it hard to do during the year, consider it essential during this time of the year. Split a third of your November salary and save it in your preferred saving deposit accounts (read KCB Mpesa).

It is advisable to do the same for the December salary so that you have ample reservoir for the tough times ahead.

This way you will be able to withdraw when the dry season beckons and watch the rest of the world drown in their sorrows!!

Walk in a group. Do not, repeat, DO NOT go out alone! This concerns your physical security and also your economical security. Do you know why? Studies show that you are likely to overspend when alone than in the company of friends.

To topple it off, when in a group, more often than not, the bill is split and that is a definite plus for your wallet!! Just try it!!

Visit your rural area. What youngsters are yet to realize is that, a night in the city is worth a week in the village.

The village as we all know it, offers an inexpensive environment of calm and tranquility. What better way to cross over to the New Year, watching your grandmother’s Friesian cattle graze in the distant hills.

Most Importantly – Make a list. Only list the things/ activities you cannot do without this festive season. This list will restrict you from venturing in activities beyond your reach and keep you well in within your limit!!

Happy Holidays Folks!! Let the Festive Season Begin!!

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