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It’s Never Too Early (Or Late) To Start Investing Guys

Wasee leo ebu let’s talk investment.

It’s been something I’ve been thinking about these past couple of months and something I’d like to get into with Sospeter and Wafula, my ride or dies lol. Guys, mbogi si kila saa kupatana kupiga mucene na enjoyment. Sometimes you need to talk about serious things.

Aki miaka zinafly and I’m not getting any younger. This Nairobi life has also shown boy child dust… From the days of struggling with my small small pennies from my first job, hustling and getting use to life in the city (saa hizo nimetoka ushago with high hopes of making it in Nairobi). Whoosh, the ghetto! Ahhhh lakini mimi ni mwenyeji sasa.

On the real though, being successful in the 254, not just Nairobi (but especially Nairobi…as in what is this cost of living L abeg) is not easy. You go through grad school, you struggle to get a job kama huna connections and when you do your salo is peanuts unless you land in one of those good companies. Then of course you are in need of a crib, with bills to pay and your own personal stuff to take care of. Heh.

Anyway, fast forward kidogo you start making more chums, start living a more comfortable life and you have cash to spare. So why not invest… That’s where I’m at at this point of my life. Also with this harsh economy of ours and all the crazy events going on, it’s important to have a Plan B coz things can get thick. I’m sure we’ve all been there.

So me and my squad are planning for our future and KCB Capital which you can read all about here has come through for us mad. Kama we ni msee ka mimi who doesn’t know much about investing or where to start, you’ll get advisory and brokerage services to guide you through.

So, that side hustle you’ve started during these hard times or that small biz you have, take it seriously.  You never know the potential your tu small jobs can have in a couple of years. Wanna own some property? You don’t have to be a maze to start thinking of such things. Imagine just go for it.

Kwa hayo machache, let me leave you to it. I for sure am working on making moves and you should too J. Have a litty weekend. 

Over & Out,

The Witty Banker.

Aug 06, 2020 Trending

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