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It's Never Too Late or Early To Think Of An Elimisha Plan For Your Future

Another week gone. What have you guys been up to this week? Admin amekuwa akichapa kazi and I’m sooo happy the weekend is here. The mpangoz I have for my bed this weekend… A dude is taiyaaad, heh!

I hope you’re all good. And if all you’ve been doing is trying to survive, you’re doing well, sweetie J (coz the world is cray right now and if you feel like you’ve done the bare minimum, you can always improve but don’t beat yourself up over it. We’re all tryna come out of this alive).

On that same note of staying alive and me being on the wave of spreading positive vibes. Let me furahisha you with a storo of one of my pals. Sasa, said pal, name withheld for privacy purposes (J coz also this our Nairobi is small and there’s a large likelihood unamjua) was telling me of the struggles of home schooling…

Eeeh, Admin has some pipo in his circle wenye wame settle and have tois. Aki ni mimi tu, na Sospeter na Wafula, and a few others in our clique wenye tuko tu (and there is nothing at all wrong with not settling down BTW msiseme nawapee pressure… Things will happen at the right time- I’m a believer of that) na BTW we look up to these our friends. Advice hapa na pale…

So anyweiiii, tuliongea mambo ya home schooling, eh, and how times have changed. Ungeambia wazazi enzi zetu internet and tablets are a basic need ile michapo ungepata... Lakini also, these things were not available lakini mnaget drift yangu. But it’s 2020 and we are happy with the technological developments. Like veeery happy J…

This convo yaani took a turn into something very deep where we started discussing the future of the tois and if and when life took a left turn. Najua it’s a reality a lot of us don’t want to face, lakini lazima my guy. Especially in these times L Is your famo or your kids covered in case of any unfortunate event?

I’m sure we’re all trying to come out of this rona thing as better individuals. Last week niliwapee mawaidha on KCB’s MobiChama here and this pal of mine really got me thinking… Life insurance niaje?

So kuna product ya uzito, yaani KCB’s Elimisha policy, hapa , which ensures your kids’ education is sorted na pia ni life insurance plan. Now, let me tell you why this product is the Number one, flexibility – you can Increase and decrease the amount on the policy anniversary. So kama kimeumana, as life sometimes happens, you can always have it changed.

Also, in any unfortunate event you get critically ill, you get a payout which will cater to you and yours. Another thing, which me thinks is so time sensitive given this period of COVID, and its uncertainty when it comes to jobs (I’m sure we know at least one person who has unfortunately lost theirs L) this insurance caters to those who have been retrenched as they receive a waiver for premium payments for a period of time…

So with guaranteed benefits and since this thing called life doesn’t always go to plan, it wouldn’t hurt checking Elimisha out and considering taking it up, I know I will!

As in what a better time to start thinking about such things… Sina mtoi, sina wife L but it’s always good to plan ahead, as young as you might be. Nimeenda kuangalia hii mambo as well as other things as I make my weekend plans. Stay safe out there my people!


Over & Out,                                             

The Witty Banker.

Jun 19, 2020 Trending

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