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Man like Sospeter

After Coro hit, life changed for a lot of us regular chaps. Work from home was a thing we only saw among rich and in movies. Kidogo that was our reality. A lot of things switched up… even Sospeter started to show some sense – it took a whole pandemic, guys 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♀️.

So akaamua kurudi kwao because there was no reason to be outchea filling Kanairo landlords’ pockets when he didn’t have to. That coupled with the fact that he blames the panorama on rent arrears alafu akaharibu hesabu. Suddenly he was in way too deep and the math was not mathing. Suffice to say, his landlord was not happy.

Anyway, siku ya kuhama of course Wafula and I pulled up for our boy. Huko kwa kina Sos hakuna serikali. That was the bumpiest nduthi ride I’ve ever taken. We needed to get our boy out of that place. Suddenly it made sense why homeboy huchelewa for every meet up. And the day he told HR alianguka na nduthi was now more believable.

Sasa tukafika and let me tell you, bedsitters and handbags have something in common. I didn’t even think it was possible to fit all that stuff into a bedsitter. I question Sos on so many occasions but here I was just mindblown. How did he move about his house? Did he jump from the door to his bed? Perhaps he slithered on most nights – I see him doing things like that.

He had the back seat of a matatu hapo tu. Nikalenga tu. Nothing surprises me anymore. The other thing that got me was how not-surprised Wafula was. Did he also a have a matatu seat in his kibin???

Anyway tukaload pick-up. At this point I’ll just say that those things are more stable than most Nairobi relationships. Yours included. Don’t scroll, naongea na wewe please.

At some point we were stuck in traffic and some random guy akakuja kuanza kutoa vitu huko nyuma. Hatungeshuka so we just watched him Sospeter akilia tu huku mbele. A guy pulled up next to us akiuliza kama kuna vitu tunauza. And it was in that moment I saw a sinister smirk on Sospeter’s face. He asked that we pull up close to the nearest stage and when I tell you this man had an impromptu ‘yard sale’ that day I’m not even making this up. Tulifika kwa kina Sospeter with just a handful of unwanted plasticware na manguo.

The mum didn’t say anything about how her son had been living on his own for all those years juu ata kitanda aliuza. It really looked like he had just walked out of a bad marriage and was looking to start anew.

So, miezi zikapita and small small we’re told we can slowly start going to work hapa Kencom so guess who needs to move out again? 🤣🤣🤣

I’m just praying that what he didn’t spend on rent, he put in savings during that period.

Wacha nimtumie link ya KCB deals tuanze kupanga how he’ll start rebuilding his mancave. I am ready to see my boy shop luxury furniture and other nice things like electric appliances etc.

Anyway,ni nini ushawai ona kwa nyumba ya mtu ukashindwa ni nini mbaya na yeye? 🤔



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