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Managing Your Finances During a Pandemic 101

Tuliamua 2021 ni ile mwaka tunaomoka. How’s it going for you ama ninashout sana 😂😂😂?

It’s mid month and admin is really trying to be strong but aiyam not okei guys… Nani mwingine anafeel pain yangu… Alafu another scam is my internet is usually due on the 17th so premium tears. Hiyo uchungu ya parting with 4k jus’ like that smack in the middle of the month is like no other. On the bright side hakuna place ya kwenda so at least saving some extra chums is easy.

Lakini this thing called adulting I‘m telling you... Unamaliza kulipa hii another thing comes up… Like now, my ka fridge just died on me this week and you know how muhimu a fridge is. Enyewe it has served me for a minute so I ain’t even mad. But still. Angalau ingekaa hadi mwisho ya mwezi. I’m telling you, shida zangu ni mingi. It is well though. At least Vooma has some dope Hotpoint deals here which I’m going to check out over the weekend.

Leo I wanna share a few tips that have saidiad me financially in these tough times and I’m hoping they’ll be of use to you. As much as this pandemic suuuucks, there have been a few positive things that have come out of it for me, especially financially. Nimekuwa nikisurvive on these and I can bet you if you include them in your financial habits brokenness will ease a littu for you.

  1. Adjusting your budget

If you’re lucky enough to be WFH this is going to be easy. And to be honest, this has been my saving grace. Literally hehe. No more spending on fare, lunch (last year nilikuwa pabaya, always ordering in but I have been behaving), derailment after jobo and such. So it’s easier to relocate your chums for other uses like bills, and savings, which, BTW you can calculate an estimate here. But on the real, what are these ridiculous fuel prices? These are the few times I’m so grateful I’m team Legsus. But anweis, even if I had a car, where am I going 🤔?

  1. Available resources

Take advantage of available resources available to you. Whether it’s national services ama banking services from your fav 😊. On that note, since KCBae cares so much for ya’ll there are some opportunities you can benefit from like our Personal Loans or Mobi Loan. No matter what, you can rest easy knowing your bank is here for ya’ll in these tough times.

  1. Spending Plan

Prioritize the most important things you need to take care of financially and get rid of those things you don’t really need. Bills, rent, food, important. And now that you’re probs spending a whoooole lot of time kwa keja, you need to take care of your personal space. Vitu kama music ama telly subscriptions are really not a must. But also you can shikana with a few people like I have with Sos and Wafula to split coasts when it comes to such. But take a good look and think of the unnecessary things or items you’re spending on every month.

That’s all folks… Always glad to help out where I can. Let us know what’s been working for you in these times so we can also borrow a leaf.


Over & Out,

The Witty Banker.

Apr 16, 2021 Trending

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