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Muendelee Kujipanga This 2021 Coz Let Me Tell You Maina…

Wadau, how are ya’ll recovering after the holiday of love? I hope mlipendwa. And those who are single like a dollar bill I hope mlijipenda coz self love…

Leo nataka kuvent. Si we agreed this is a safe space… So bear with me. I’m speaking on behalf of a friend just so you know coz, could never be me… 🤣🤣🤣

Now this ka buddy of mine was super psyched for Valentine’s it being his first one with the missus. It was a new (like new new) relationship na alikuwa nje for a while so you can imagine the excitos. Dude was planning on pulling all the stops for this one coz hakuwa anataka kujiangusha. Yaani he told me the plans he had made and at that point I started pangaing how I would third wheel on the date. JK.

Haya, a spa date was scheduled, reservations at a very dope hotel for dinner and a night’s stay were made (If ya’ll had been following you would know which it was. Na pia mngejibamba na hiyo offer with your plus ones) and he even bought flowers. I really wanted to throw jabs at this dude juu yeye ndio hao wasee kwa group who vow that they will never buy flowers for anyone but their mother’s. But isn’t love a beautiful thing 😅❤

The way me, Sospeter and Wafula were invested in this relationship mngedhani we are also getting the benefits. Must be nice, we thought. But yo, in all honestly we were so happy for our boy. So when what happened happened, we were all distraught.

D-Day ikafika and the lady last minute called up my boy to cancel with the excuse that something had come up with her fam and she could not see him that day but “babe we will raincheck I promise” were her words. Ah boy child alikuwa amejam aje, but he still sent the flowers over to her place. Akatuambia the bad news but we understood. Or so we thought.

Anweisssss, to cheer him up we decided to head to a certain popular brunch joint pale Westie (that I won’t name coz najua mtacatch bure) us boys tu. Nimeone madame wakiita Galentines but we’ll call it Men’s Conference 2021. We were all having a good ol’ time. Until… how did my boy see babes with her crew having a blast a few tables from us… Machosssss.

She did not see us, though I really wish she had. Na boy wangu haku mapproach. Hiyo story sijui ilendaje after that afternoon, I am yet to bring it up. Tulimshow he just takes his L and continue to better himself and his finances by depositing the rest of this month’s chums in his KCB Goal Account 😂

Heh, these Nairobi streets are unforgiving. But we move… How did yours go? Drop a comment.


Over & Out,

The Witty Banker.

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