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Of Mid-Week Shenanigans and Love In The City.

Watu nguyaz, this week tulijua hatujui. Wah. Tu being your usual three musketeers, myself, Sospeter and Wafs. Aki Wafula alituharibia CV and I am just hoping word isn’t going around these small streets of Nairobi because if so he will definitely be single forever. This is how it all went down.
The month began at an all time high for us, lakini wah. Ngojeni story. Si sasa tulikuwa tumejichocha kwenda kuwatch ball Macha. BTW it’s been a minute since we sat in a stadi to catch a game and I totally regret not doing it more often. That will change, I assure you. It was amazing to say the least.

Tulirudi Nairobi hiyo same day albeit late into the night and believe it or not Monday we were all in the office. On time. Aki we have mastered the art of responsible enjoyment.  I’m so proud of us. This week IDK what bad judgment we had lakini we were in such a party mood. This is where it all went downhill.

Midweek shenanigans are the worst. They really throw you off in regard to the rest of the week lakini zinakuwanga tamu sana. What’s the harm anyway? Friyay is usually just around the corner, right? Wednesday evening Wafula called me for an evening out and of course tulibeba handbag yetu AKA Sospeter; he works in town so he could def swing by. Tungeenda tu home after kazi aki if we knew what awaited us.
5:01 ata haikuwa imefika before I was out of the office. Nikapanda Citi Hoppa and in a few minutes I was in tao, so shocked there was no traffic at that time. I got to our joint and I was the first one there, kama kawa. Sigh. I was famished and didn’t bother waiting for the rest to get there. I know them too well. I would have dropped dead coz of hunger and went ahead to place my order.

After almost an HOUR Wafula showed up. But nooooo, he was not alone. He walked in with three ladies, very good looking, I must say. After brief introductions we all got to ordering. I was low key hoping that Wafula had enough cash to cater to his guests coz mimi I just thought it was a guys’ evening out and had enough cash for just myself. Sikupewa memo.

We had a great time as we recalled how fun our road trip to Macha for the game on Sunday was and also started making plans to go to Wafula’s shagz in Bungoma. Waf’s new friends said they would also tag along and we were so excited. The more the merrier. Eish our month was starting on a high note. A delicious meal and a few drinks later, Sospeter sent a text akisema he won’t make it coz he was swamped at jobo, but if he malizad he would come. Wah okei. All I was praying for was that Wafula had pangad himself money-wise. Sikuwa nataka aibu ndogo ndogo.

It was getting late and it was time to leave. The bill was brought and I could sense trouble when Wafula took a look at it. I have known this guy for years and I know his panicked look. Yaani alikuwa ameinvite mayeng bila doh! Typical Wafula. To avoid awkwardness and embarazzment that would follow us for weeks to come (ata kama tumezoea hizi vitu), I took out my KCB debit card and handled the bill. After all you’re not charged when you use your card. Heh! Wafula atajua atanilipa kutoka wapi coz…

When Sospeter heard of our escapedes for the night he was glad that work saved him that day. I hope the ladies are still up for travelling to Bungoma with us and I hope Wafula carries enough money this time round! Nimemsave one too many times but what are friends for! Lesson learnt; always carry my KCB debit card. You never know when it’ll come through!
Over and out, The Witty Banker.

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