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Reminiscing On That Shagz Life, When Life Was Simple

Ile baridi nimemakia leo. Is it me who doesn’t remember Nairobi being this cold like ever, ama?

Anyhu, today I’m in such a good mood. Issa long weekend and I get to sleep, eat, relax repeat. Lakini vile weekend huisha haraka I know my joy will be short lived. But let’s enjoy it when it lasts.

Nilikuwa nafikiria kwenda shags to see the folks but that needs a much longer visit. Itabidi leave nimechukua so I can stay for like a week hapo. Who else loves visiting their paroz coz they’re treated like plezdents?

Heeeh, hii maisha ya bachelor sometimes hunishinda. Kulula indomie coz you’re too lazy to cook or just plain broke. Ama nyinyi hamnaga hizo struggles? Kwa wazae as soon as I arrive najua nimefika holiday. Breakfast lunch and dinner is standard, no housework (coz how can their only son do chores on his visit), kazi ni kuchill na kuwa chauffeur, which I don’t at all mind. The roads are not as crazy as these our Nairobi ones.

As I think of making a plan to head there soon, I’m reminiscing about shagz life and how tumetoka far na kina Sospeter na Wafula. Do you guys have those pals who you’ve known for ages they’re basically fam? Tulijuana primo huko mashinani and till now are still thick as thieves.

Zile visanga tulikuwa nazo though, if you grew up in the village you can relate. Always late for school coz we used to patana somewhere and take more adventurous (longer) routes, kufika home covered in dust from head to toe coz break time hatungekosa kucheza ball. I owe my many vibokos to that, especially. Also, those were the days when 5 bob could get you a whole shopping for like two days. Aki these millennials will never understand L how zile kobole za hexagon was a measure of wealth.

Moral of the storo, we had so much to look forward to and in today’s hectic life, it’s kinda hard to sit back and have that time. Lakini let me remind you guys today, to just take a few moments and go back to that happy, carefree time where you got all the psyche in the world when you thought about what tomorrow holds.

Eh, leo admin amekuwa in his feels but that’s how it is sometimes… Before I forget, lemme sort my folks out with some shopping via my KCB Mobile Banking before they forget they have a son. I need that special treatment when I head to ocha.

Saa zingine me hukuwa deep, sio pang’ang’a tu J

Over & Out,

The Witty Banker.

Jul 30, 2020 Trending

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