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Shout Out to a Bank That ALWAYS Comes Through for You When You Need It

First week of March down. Yaani niko tu hapa wondering where the time goes. Mtashtukia 2022 imefika tu hivo kimchezo…

Anyhu I’m just glad that Jan and her equally ratchet counterpart Feb, are over (coz Feb is spent recovering from Jan’s shenanigans…Just good that it’s a short month). Also, tangu tuachane last week I haven’t had so much luck. Hii Nairobi mimi apana 😫.

Wacha niwachapie story vizuri. A boy child was given a plan by Sospeter and Wafula and who was he to refuse? I had been seriously looking for a plan for the weekend and we had rainchecked meeting up a couple of times over the past two months coz brokness and hectic schedules so ilikuwa lazima I pull up.

Admin put on his outing clothes (juu nimekuwa nikivaa sweatpants na t-shirts for almost a year now… and counting… not complaining though) and was looking dapper. Nilikuwa naplan kutesa on the gram but… We’ll get there. There was no traffic and so nilidecide kujav and save that cab fare for take out ya the next day. Coz who’s about to cook over the weekend? Not this dude.

It was a good day. Said hi to my mama mboga nje ya esto as I walked to the stage na nikapanda nganya with my phone and wallet in my back pocket. And off we went with excitos to see my best friends.

IDK what happened but there was some commotion when one chile wanted to alight, and I had to get out ndio ashuke. Shortly after the ride continued. I lipad with my ka 50 bob, reached, shukad the mat and walked to our spot, which wasn’t too far away.

The boys were reunited and we were having a grand time. I even offered to lipa for the ka date using my Mobile Banking. Now, when the food came, sijui about ya’ll but I’m one of those ones who have to take a pic of my meal. I’m reaching into my pocket to get my phone and ALAS! Nothing 😳😳😳

You guy, I’m telling you the confusion that ensued. Hadi waiter wetu akaja to check if everything was okay. My mind went back to the moment of commotion in the mat and it dawned on me that must have been the moment I was played. Somehow.

Now, we all know the pain of losing your phone. Hadi nilikuwa na balancing tears. It could have been worse, my wallet would have gone, but thank goodness it didn’t. That hustle of blocking and replacing cards and getting an abstract for your ID isn’t something I would have liked to deal with at the start of the month.

So yes, here I am counting my losses but on the bright side Vooma has dope deals with Fonexpress so that’s where I’m headed for sure to cop a new phone. Tembeeni hii Nairobi mkiwa chonjo 😰


Over & Out,

The Witty Banker. 

Mar 05, 2021 Trending

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